The Collagen Vitamin C Perfection

Enhance your beauty routine with Dr Burgener Switzerland's Votre Solution Vitamin C and Collagen. Unlock your skin's natural radiance and feel the boost of vitamins.

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Discover the radiance of your skin with Dr Burgener Switzerland's Collagen Vitamin C Perfection range. Our unique activating treatments combine topical products and nutritional supplements, to provide the best answer to dull and tired skin that is lacking firmness. The Intense Collagen Stick contains marine collagen, Vitamins C and E, and Selenium to help protect cells from oxidative stress - just mix one stick per day in a 200ml glass of water to enjoy the benefits. The Intense Collagen Face Cream is the perfect solution to skin lacking hydration and firmness - use it in the morning for optimal comfort. The Vita C+ Face Cream, made with Vitamins C and a Swiss perfection peptide, helps reveal the beauty of your skin with their gentle and natural exfoliation - use it in the evenings to best benefit from its effects. Get the perfect complexion with Dr Burgener Switzerland's Collagen Vitamin C Perfection.


Daily dose: 1 stick per day diluted in a 200ml glass of water. The Intense Collagen Face Cream brings optimal comfort to skin lacking hydration and firmness. Best used in the morning. The Vita C+ Face Cream reveals the beauty of your skin thanks to the different Vitamins C and the Swiss perfection peptide which offers a gentle and natural exfoliation. To be used preferably in the evening.


Vitamine C, Super ox, Swiss Perfection Peptide, Shea butter, Marine filler, Coll-Peptide, Essential oils, Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)

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