How it all started

Dr Marc Burgener launches his cosmetic


Dr Marc Burgener launches his cosmetic surgical practice with his wife Madeline Burgener, located in Lausanne, Switzerland.


Lynell, a treatment cosmetic line for post and pre-clinical skin surgery treatment, was formulated and developed.

Pauline Burgener moved to Switzerland


After leaving her home country Lebanon to spend seven years in Brazil, Dr Pauline Burgener moved to Switzerland to study Biology. She completed her PhD and post-doctorate at the University of Lausanne Switzerland, going through 5 years of intense scientific study of the skin, allowing her to understand the mechanisms of ageing. She then married Hervé Burgener, Dr Marc Burgener’s son, and had 3 sons.

 Dr Marc Burgener’s Clinic


Dr. Pauline Burgener took over, jointly with her brother and sister, the company and created a new luxury skincare concept and treatment line. The first Dr Burgener Center was opened in the same location as Dr Marc Burgener’s Clinic, preserving the historical legacy, which also became the base for new treatment development and training.


Dr. Pauline Burgener began growing her brand internationally by partnering with the most luxurious palaces around the world, as an exclusive Swiss skin brand with a scientific background. 


After 64 years of existence, Dr Burgener Switzerland went through an exciting luxury re-branding with a new logo, eco-friendly packaging, revived protocols, and new innovative products.


In partnership with Dr. Nicolas Chami, plastic surgeon, the Clinic was renovated and reopened its doors with a new, scientific and avant-garde approach to beauty. B-mediC is now at the crossroads of preventive and regenerative medicine, aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery and the latest generation treatments for the face and body, taking advantage of the most effective techniques.

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