Dry Skin

Dehydrated skin does not have enough water in the dermis, which causes premature fine lines and a dull complexion. It is important to supply the skin with moisturizing ingredients without adding too many lipidic ingredients. We advise you to use products from Dr Burgener Switzerland

Steps of The Ritual For Dry Skin

Step 1

Cleansing Milk

First step of the makeup removal routine, it cleanses, hydrates, and tones up your skin. 

Step 2

Floral Toner

Rich in plant extracts, it calms, softens, and refreshes your skin. 

Step 3

Rejuvenating Royal Mask

Nourish the skin with this mask, rich in royal jelly. 

Step 4

Instant Eye Radiance Cream

Puffiness and dark-circles are reduced with help from the draining and lightening green micro-algae extract. 

Step 5

Nutriderm Serum

A concentrate of Omega-6 and essential oils that regenerates the skin for a more radiant complexion and more toned skin. 

Step 6

Green Caviar Face Cream

Repair DNA damage and improve your skin’s structure with Repair Green Caviar Cream, which consequently delays the signs of ageing. 

Dry Skin Solution


Dry Skin Solution

Benefit from a 15% discount on the purchase of the entire treatment. 

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