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Acidic lotion rich in AHA 10%.

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Previously called Resurfacing Anti-Spot Concentrate. Acidic lotion rich in AHA, 10% max according to the EU cosmetic regulation, with a pH around 3.5. Glycolic Acid enriched with fruit extracts reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Renovates first skin layers and refines skin texture.


Exfoliates the skin and increases cell renewal. Treats pigmentation, sun damage and evens skin tone. Fixes humidity and gives shine. Reduces the fine lines, wrinkles, skin imperfections and scars. Excellent for dry and mature skin.

The contact with the skin should be limited in time and frequency. Use as cure. Use on face, neck and necklline, hands. Do not use on eyes and lips.

Glycolic acid, fruits acids complex, niacinamid.