Dr. Pauline Burgener Switzerland. A brand that is known as the “haute couture” of skincare. You can find Dr. Burgener products at the best hotel spas in the world alongside the signature treatments (each hotel spa creates their own signature treatment together with Dr. Burgener) on their spa menus.

Who is Dr. Burgener and how has it become so bespoke?

For more than 20 years, the Dr. Burgener Switzerland brand has been revolutionising the world of wellness in the high-end and ultra-luxury category. Her notion of beauty from the inside and her insistence on working with the latest technologies, combined with natural ingredients, have enabled Dr. Pauline Burgener to stand out from her competitors. Her cosmetics products are 100% made in Switzerland and unique in that they analyse your skin before applying the appropriate care product. Tailor-made products just for you that focus on what really matters: YOUR SKIN!

I have had the pleasure to meet Dr. Pauline Burgener at the spa of The Dolder Grand in Zurich last Fall to receive her Haute Couture treatment. 3 months later, I met her and her amazing team again, this time at Spa Montblanc of the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues in Geneva.

Now I’m sure you want to know, what is a Dr. Burgener Switzerland Haute Couture Treatment?

Following a full analysis of the client’s skin, measuring hydration, lipids and elasticity, a customized luxury therapy product line is prescribed which includes full line of products against skin aging. Dr. Burgener works closely together with top notch researchers and dermatologists for the creation of the Haute Couture products.

Scientific measurements are undertaken by a Dr. Pauline Burgener Haute Couture specialist, using instruments of the most advanced technologies. The results of the diagnosis enable a pool of dermatologists to draw a recommendation that will be sent to our laboratory in Switzerland.

Made-to-measure products are developed based on this recommendation, thus ensuring the perfect suitability for the improvement of your skin.

What did I like about?

That’s a good question, that I like to ask myself after each of the treatments I get to experience. Given the fact that I love to try the latest beauty treatments on the market, I can say, that the haute couture treatment is probably THE most luxurious and holistic approach to skincare that I’ve experienced so far. Why? Simply, because it’s 100% personalized. Each centimeter of my face/skin is scanned and professionally analyzed (every season) with the most modern technique on the market. This knowledge, passion, purpose, energy and love is put into a – MY – whole skincare set for daily use. Personalized, for a 100% result.

Being a Dr. Burgener client, you should analyze your skin every 3 months, because our skin changes, just as the seasons. This very well thought through concept goes beyond perfection and ultimate service: you can re-analyze your skin and re-order products in all Dr. Burgener partner spas around the world.

Especially for women like me, always on the go, this is a truly handy service. And this is what I did in my follow up meeting with Dr. Pauline Burgener at Spa Montblanc in Geneva.

Spa Montblanc (Four Seasons Geneva) and Dr. Burgener joined Forces

Dr. Burgener and Spa Montblanc have created a signature treatment and product, by combining energising water with pink snow and the unique edelweiss flower to produce the Elixir and Signature Cream. Known for their anti- aging, regenerating and antioxidant properties, pink snow and edelweiss are rare flowers in the Swiss Alps. They protect the skin against climatic aggressions and free radicals, nourishing the skin and restoring its softness and suppleness.

The 50-minute facial treatment is preceded by a 30-minute massage with Swiss Alps crystals, the signature treatment at the Spa Mont Blanc.

“This partnership between Dr Pauline Burgener’s cosmetics brand and Hotel des Bergues is a magnificent combination of the values of excellence, innovation and a constant search for an unforgettable experience. We place the well-being and full satisfaction of our customers at the heart of our concerns,” says Virginie Descombes-Fliegans, Director of the Spa Mont Blanc.

“Skin care and well-being have been personal passions from the beginning. As a PhD in biology, I have spent years working on the advances and cures brought to the skin by high technology. I hand-pick all our natural ingredients from their origin. We use the most ethical and environmentally friendly production methods possible to formulate our ingredients. Understanding specific needs is extremely important to us. We take care of you and your skin by personalising our approach as much as possible,”explains Pauline Burgener, a doctor in Biology and founder of the brand that bears her name.

Dr Burgener’s success story began in 1955, when plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Burgener created the Burgener range, which was later taken over by his daughter-in-law Dr. Pauline Burgener after graduating from the University of Lausanne with a doctorate in biology. Thanks to her medical (AND magical) knowledge, she developed her own brand and over twenty years, created her own line of products for skin care and spa. Today, this visionary leader in personalized luxury care, beauty and regeneration is enjoying significant success worldwide.