Bringing together the talent and in-depth knowledge of the Hotel’s award-winning chefs and Spa therapists, Four Seasons has created a personalised wellness experience designed to restore and revitalise the body and mind with a combination of gastronomy and wellbeing in the city’s Golden Triangle

Located in the heart of France’s culinary capital, Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris has created Wellness and Gourmet Ritual that combines wellness treatments with nourishing gourmet cuisine, with the aim of beautifying and preparing the body and mind for the warmer months of the year. The Hotel’s culinary team and spa therapists have come together to create a ritual that takes a holistic approach to wellbeing, combining the knowledge of award-winning chefs with the anti-ageing beauty expertise of Dr Burgener Switzerland. The ritual is personalised according to the nutritional and energetic needs of each individual, helping to boost health in the run up to the summer.

Carried out within the luxurious and serene atmosphere of Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, the Wellness and Gourmet Ritual complements a light and refreshing meal. Guests can choose a well-balanced breakfast, lunch or dinner at L’Orangerie, which offers a new nutritionally balanced menu designed to promote healthy eating.

At L’Orangerie*, Chef Alan Taudon’s Well-Balanced Cuisine Offers Light and Healthy Dishes

Bringing out the best of his Michelin-starred cuisine while taking a light and healthy approach to cooking, Chef Alain Taudon has created a new menu at L’Orangerie to offer a veritable journey of taste with plant- and fish-based dishes, as well as dairy. Successfully marrying contrasting tastes, the cuisine is balanced and light, with healthy dishes enhanced by bold flavours. The menu features coconut carpaccio and spicy herb tartar served with goji berries, known for their antioxidant properties. The focus is on plant-based dishes such as roasted mango with milk crust, and black rice with tofu served with seafood, drizzled with fat-free sauces that lend a tangy fresh-tasting flavour to the dish.

A Twist on Healthy Breakfast Classics

Created for the health-conscious, the Healthy Breakfast of George V is packed with vitamins, minerals and micronutrients that promote a healthy mind and body. Guests have a choice of hot beverages, with vegan hot chocolate, charcoal latte, golden turmeric milk, naturally high in antioxidant properties, and beetroot latte, a nourishing drink offering an abundance of healthy skin benefits, most notably unifying and illuminating complexion. A wide range of sweet and savoury dishes is available, including flavourful bowls of acai and homemade gluten-free bread served with almond butter and a carefully chosen selection of jams.

A Bespoke Pampering Treatment with Strong Antioxidant Properties Developed by Dr Burgener Switzerland

Effectively complementing nutritional therapy, Le Spa at Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris offers a wellness treatment that embraces the antioxidant properties of chardonnay grapes. Designed to relax and revitalise, the treatment was created by leading expert in beauty rejuvenation Dr Burgener Switzerland. This refreshing and invigorating body scrub and massage uses crushed chardonnay grape seeds, used to make up some of the most prestigious Champagnes in the world and renowned for their powerful anti-ageing properties that leave the skin glowing and rejuvenated. The treatment stimulates drainage of toxins, resulting in visibly hydrated and silky smooth skin.

The Wellness and Gourmet Ritual includes:

  • A healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner at L’Orangerie*
  • A detoxifying 100 minute body scrub and massage using chardonnay grape seeds
  • Access to the hammam and Spa lounge

Subject to availability, the package is priced as follows:

  • EUR 335 for the Healthy Breakfast and 100 minute body scrub and massage
  • EUR 360 for the Discovery Menu at L’Orangerie* (available for lunch only) and 100 minute body scrub and massage
  • EUR 380 for the Tasting Menu at L’Orangerie* (available for dinner only) and 100 minute body scrub and massage