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The swiss skincare brand you should know about

Dr. Burgener – a brand that you most probably don’t know from you regular apothecary visits. And will you be disappointed to find out this brand isn’t available in the big department stores of London, such as Selfridges or Harrods. However, if you make it to Tower Hill and dip into the Spa at the Four Seasons Ten Trinity, you should have a look on the main highlight of the stunning hotel: the skincare products you are not yet familiar with. Dr. Burgener is slowly and quietly taking over the product offering at the Spas of the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts around the world. After the two Russian properties, New York, Beirut, Dubai and almost all Four Seasons in France (George V and Cap Ferrat), her products now also made it to Switzerland’s only Four Seasons Hotel.

While our focus is not to change from luxury hotel reviews to beauty products, – and Luxury Executive run by four guys – we think that it is of huge importance to showcase the big change that is currently being observed when it comes to hotel spas. Years ago it was enough to do random full body massages and offer some signature treatments, however, in today’s fast-pacing world we are exposed to pollution and other stress factors (such as traveling) way too often. Of course, our skin is not always recovering and therefore the trend goes to take more care on your face and skin in general. This is where Dr. Burgener joins the game. With a very special method, her specialists can analyze the skin and offer a dedicating treatment tailored to your skin type and preference. Dr. Burgener herself recommends doing a skin analysis every four months in order to best profit from her therapy. So what happens when you decide to do a facial treatment at Four Seasons Geneva? Well, the good thing is all Spas with Dr. Burgener treatments have access to a special system so they can see which skin type you were allocated and you can continue your therapy at any Spa in the world offering Dr. Burgener treatments. Therefore one traveling from New York to Dubai and then to Geneva over the year can assure to have access to do the treatments.



Being a guy in his mid-20s, I have to admit that it took some time for me to understand the whole way how this kind of special treatment works. It definitely was helpful to meet Dr. Pauline Burgener on several occasions explaining the different concepts and products she is offering in a more detailed way. She is what you would call a perfect “Grand Dame of Beauty” –  not only is her charisma impressing you but when you hear her background you understand where the idea of the brand and motivation came from. Originally from Lebanon, having lived in Brazil for years and then settled in Switzerland – she for sure has the experience to offer the most exclusive in skincare that is currently available at the moment. And we are not talking about La Prairie, Clarins or Estee Lauder – let’s say these three are a Mercedes Benz on average whereas Dr. Burgener can be seen as a Lamborghini – luxurious, well-made, and powerful. Best of all: Not only are her treatments tailored to each guest’s skin type, but also her Haute Couture line is personalized and tailor-made. Four Seasons is actually the first hotel group to join the trend of offering personalized facial treatments tailored to your skin type at selected properties and I am sure they won’t remain the only ones to do so for long.



Besides the Spas of the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Dr. Burgener is available at selected individual luxury hotels such as The Dolder Grand Zurich or Grand Hotel du Lac Vevey plus you can always come to her Spa Clinic in the city of Lausanne where she is also able to do a bigger range of treatments. Another important aspect of the products is that she sometimes has special lines for some hotel partners. For example, at the Mont Blanc Spa at Four Seasons Geneva, they introduced a Swiss Alps Line using the Edelweiss flower only available at this spa, whereas there is a Caviar line at the Four Seasons properties in St Petersburg and Moscow. Honestly, we cannot wait to see Dr. Burgener doing a travel line so we can finally do overnight flights without red eyes or totally dead skin once reaching the final destination. Maybe we have something interesting to report about this Swiss beauty brand sooner than we may think.