“As a Doctor in Biology, I always seek to pick the best elements from nature and to combine them with the latest biotechnological ingredients, to create the finest personalized skincare products. Dr Burgener Switzerland stems from a family business created in 1955 by Dr Marc Burgener, my father-in-law, with his aesthetic surgery clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland. My long experience in microbiology research has enriched me with a wealth of knowledge in intracellular exchanges into the skin and a good functioning of cells.

I am proud to highlight that we are a Swiss brand where quality and perfection are combined with technology and the power of nature for immediate results. When it comes to product customization, we are pioneers. Our main priority is to offer our clientele a service of excellence and an unparalelled follow up in a world of comfort and luxury. I have created a pool of expertise, with doctors, biologists and beauty technicians to always offer the best quality in skin care in the most prestigious hotel spas around the world.”

Dr Pauline Burgener

Born after 5 years of research, the Pauline Burgener Haute Couture concept is a revolution in reverse-aging skin care. This complete made-to-measure cosmetic program combines technology, skin analysis, cosmetics and Haute Couture facials adapted to your needs with an ultra-personalized service.

You can experience the Haute Couture skin care program at selected exclusive Spas:

B-mediC Aesthetic Medical Clinic

by Dr Burgener Switzerland, Lausanne (Switzerland)

Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues

Geneva (Switzerland)

The Dolder Grand Hotel

Zurich (Switzerland)

Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach

Dubai (UAE – Flying Spa)

Four Seasons Hotel Beirut

Beirut (Lebanon – Flying Spa)


Our aesthetic medical clinic in Lausanne B-mediC is the centre of expertise for our Haute Couture programs.

Internationally renowned medical doctors will receive the results of your analysis undertaken in one of our Haute Couture centers around the world and deliver a real medical consultation. They will analyze your case to uncover the true reasons for the aging of your skin and assess its needs. Skin aging can result from many issues, such as a hormonal imbalance, improper functioning of the cells, an excess in metals in your body, a deficiency in nutritional elements or a sagging of the collagen fibroblasts.

Our experts will issue a prescription to our Laboratory for a complete line of customized skin products and personalized facials that will target problem areas and reverse the aging of your skin.

Dr Pauline Burgener

Dr Pauline Burgener

PhD in biology, founder of Laboratoire Pauline Burgener Switzerland


Dr Nicolas Chami

Dr Nicolas Chami

Aesthetic medicine, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery


Professor Philippe Humbert

Professor Philippe Humbert

Dermatologist, internal medicine

Dr Hadrien Loton

Dr Hadrien Loton

Anti-aging and regenerative medicine


Our Haute Couture skin expert will treat your skin with the Haute Couture facials for immediate and long lasting visible results, using the most advanced technologies in anti-aging: Glycolic peeling, cavitation peeling, ultrasound, radio frequency, diamond microdermabrasion, no needle mesotherapy, endermology and other methods adapted to your skin needs. The anti-aging performance of the Haute Couture facial resides in reducing depth of wrinkles, improving firmness and tonicity, lifting the oval of the face, boosting radiance, and refining complexion and texture.


Based on the results of your analysis and the prescription made by our team of medical experts at our Aesthetic Medical Clinic in Lausanne, our Laboratory develops a full line of products personalized for your individual needs. Our Haute Couture products use the latest biotechnologies in anti-aging such as peptides, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and other high-performance active ingredients, to stimulate cell regeneration and collagen synthesis, as well as restore skin volume and reduce wrinkles, spots and pigmentation.

You will have products for each of your skin care ritual steps:

  1. Clean and purify
  2. Depollute
  3. Stimulate
  4. Regenerate
  5. Hydrate
  6. Treat sensitive areas of eye contour and lip contour


We take a highly personalised approach to all skin conditions, using regular scientific measurements to give precise, targeted results.








Our highly effective results are seen not only by our clients, but also in clinical studies  conducted by Professor Humbert’s team at Besançon University. Tests have shown a clear improvement of the skin after six weeks of utilization of the Haute Couture program.

  • Reduced depth of wrinkles
  • Improved firmness and tonicity
  • Lifting of the oval of the face
  • Better glow and luminosity
  • Refinement of skin complexion and texture.



A sharp assessment of your skin quality in a Pauline Burgener Haute Couture treatment space in order to build your skin’s profile at that given moment.


Our team of experts carefully analyzes the different parameters and provides you with a unique cosmetic program.


All the active ingredients that compose your skincare products and their ideal dosage are determined based on their properties, their combined effectiveness and the results of your diagnosis.


The creation and development of your unique line of Pauline Burgener Haute Couture cosmetics.


The implementation of your personal skincare program in collaboration with your therapist.