Your program will start with a full analysis of your skin by measuring key parameters such as sebum secretion, hydration, elasticity, pigmentation, pores and texture.

Our team of dermatologists in Switzerland will analyze the results and send their recommendation to our Laboratory, who will create your complete made-to-measure cosmetics line for 3 months usage. Our Haute Couture products use the latest technologies in anti-aging such as peptides, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and other high-performance active ingredients, stimulating cell regeneration and collagen synthesis, as well as restoring skin volume and reducing spots and pigmentation.

Throughout the three months you will receive 3 personalized Haute Couture facials, using the most advanced technologies in anti-aging, including cavitation peeling, ultrasound, radio frequency, diamond microdermabrasion, and no needle mesotherapy. Your skin will see a reduced appearance of wrinkles, an improved tonicity, a lifted oval of the face, boosting radiance, and a more unified complexion.

Following your 3 months of treatment, you will receive a second full analysis to accurately measure the evolution of your skin. 


Duration : 3 months

2 skin analysis
3 Haute Couture facials
Customized cosmetics products for 3 months



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