Wherever you travel, you can enjoy this very exclusive concept in any of our Haute Couture centers.

The latest innovation in skincare research is the genetic analysis of the skin. Today we know that genetics are one of the key factors that influences the aging of your skin. The Haute Couture one-year program involves analyzing your skin according to its genetics and adapting your program and products accordingly.

You will experience the medical expertise of our best dermatologists during 3 consultations throughout the year. They will enhance the benefits of our Haute Couture program by balancing your bodily needs in vitamins, hormones, and by solving any medical skin problem you might have.

An analysis of your body deficiencies and excesses in 24 minerals, trace elements and 7 heavy metals is undertaken. Customized supplements will be developed for you to be taken over 12 months. A second analysis will adapt the regimen according to your evolving needs.

We design a full cartography of your skin following a comprehensive initial analysis measuring a complete set of parameters: Photo-aging, sebum secretion, hydration, elasticity, pigmentation, melanin level, pores, texture, and more.

Our team of dermatologists in Switzerland will issue their prescription to our Laboratory, who will create your complete made-to-measure cosmetics line sufficient for one-year of usage. Our expertise and the best biotechnology are combined in the formulation of our Haute Couture skin care products. The association of peptides, amino acids, biopolymer, stem cells, hyaluronic acid, and other high-performance active ingredients, revives cell renewal, favors collagen synthesis, restores skin volume, reduces melanin production, hence promoting skin unification and stimulates skin cell functions to provide a Botox-like effect.

Based on the recommendations, the program is designed for 12 months including 13 personalized Haute Couture facials, using the most advanced technologies in anti-aging: Glycolic peeling, cavitation peeling, ultrasound, radio frequency, diamond microdermabrasion, no needle mesotherapy, endermology and other technologies adapted to your skin needs. The anti-aging performance of the Haute Couture facial resides in reducing depth of wrinkles, improving firmness and tonicity, lifting the oval of the face, boosting radiance, and refining the skin complexion and texture.

We will measure how your skin has improved every 4 months as well as at the end of the 12 month program while regularly undertaking your Haute Couture treatments and applying your personalized cosmetics, in a total of 4 comprehensive analysis.


Duration : 12 months

Genetic analysis
3 consultations with an internationally renowned dermatologist
2 analysis of deficiencies in minerals, trace elements and heavy metals
4 skin analysis
3 consultations with Dr Pauline Burgener
13 Haute Couture facials
Made to measure cosmetic products for 12 months

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