Haute couture customized Skin Care

A full line of Haute Couture customized skin care products is developed for you based on the analysis of your skin. Our team of scientists, based on the results, will personalize your skin care line in our laboratory in Switzerland. Vector, booster, masks, serum, eye contour & lips contour, cleansing and make-up remover… The best of the know-how and biotechnology is gathered in their formulation to stimulate cells renewal, boost collagen synthesis, restore skin volume, and reduce pigmentation. You can use your products at home as well as during your facials at the Spa.


Haute Couture Skin Analysis

In order to create your line of customized products based on the full analysis of your skin, we measure the depth of wrinkles, photo-aging, pores, skin elasticity, sebum secretion, hydration, pigmentation, melanin level. Recommended to do an analysis every 3 – 6months in order to adapt the products.


Haute Couture Facial

You can enhance the results of your skin care by having a Haute Couture facial personalized for you. The therapist selects the most advanced technologies such as cavitation peeling, ultrasound, radio frequency, diamond microdermabrasion, no needle mesotherapy, glycolic peeling, endermology, and micro-needling thus activating cell regeneration, reducing appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation, lifting the oval of the face and giving glow. 


Analysis of Heavy Metals and trace elements

A sample of your hair will be sent to our Laboratory in Switzerland for a full screening of minerals, trace elements and heavy metals. Customized nutritional supplements are developed accordingly for you to clean and balance your body. 


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