Give a boost of vitamins to your beauty treatments and reveal the radiance of your skin with Votre Solution Vitamin C and Collagen.

CHF 890.00


Our range of activating treatments, combining topical products and nutritional supplement, is the best answer to dull and tired skin, and skin lacking firmness. The Intense Collagen Stick contains marine collagen, vitamins C and E and Selenium which help protect cells against oxidative stress.


Daily dose: 1 stick per day diluted in a 200ml glass of water. The Intense Collagen Face Cream brings optimal comfort to skin lacking hydration and firmness. Best used in the morning. The Vita C+ Face Cream reveals the beauty of your skin thanks to the different Vitamins C and the Swiss perfection peptide which offers a gentle and natural exfoliation. To be used preferably in the evening. 


Vita C+ Face cream

Ascorbyl Glucoside: natural glucose stabilized vitamin C.

Super ox: Kakadu plum extract. A unique superfruit known as the world’s richest source of vitamin C.

Swiss Perfection Peptide: biomimetic peeling for skin rejuvenation, biologically active tripeptide which reactivates the natural desquamation process of the skin.

Shea butter: Soothing action, it calms and relieves tight skin.

Collagen Intense Face Cream

Marine filler: Its melting texture comforts the skin immediately after application.

Coll-Peptide: patented, synthetic Swiss tripeptide designed to prevent the formation of wrinkles and reduce their appearance. Hyaluronic acid Apricot oil, jojoba oil, squalan of olive oil.

Essential oils: Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia): very great calming, for the skin and the nervous system. It is also renowned and traditionally used for its regenerating, repairing and purifying virtues. Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) : astringent and tonic, this essential oil is also interesting for its purifying and sanitizing effects thanks to its richness in monoterpenols.

Collagen Intense Stick

Vitamin C: Contributes to the normal formation of collagen to ensure the normal function of the skin Vitamin E & Selenium: Helps protect cells against oxidative stress.