1x 200ml Total body shape + 1x 200ml Nutrivital body fluid

The Perfect Body Duo helps you prepare your body for summer. Apply Total Body Shape in the morning to refresh and drain during the day and finish the day with Nutrivital Body Fluid to moisturize and repair before bed.

CHF 360.00

Get your body ready for summer with this combination of our bestsellers at a advantageous price.
Total Body Shape: This sculpting cream has a cool, comfortable feel and helps firm your body while keeping your skin hydrated. Enriched with plant oils to smooth and nourish your skin, while slimming ingredients firm, tone and redefine your body’s silhouette. Essential oils, caffeine and antioxidant Lotus maritimus extract, combined with massage, help improve microcirculation and smooth skin tissue.
Nutrivital Body Fluid: This fluid, non-greasy body lotion cares for your skin, making it soft and silky. Well protected, it finds comfort and flexibility. Used daily, swiss perfection peptide reactivates and balances the desquamation process, improving skin quality and preventing the appearance of imperfections, irregularities and signs of aging. It reactivates your skin’s natural peeling process.