Your skin has its own identity


The Dr Burgener cosmetic products are unique in that they analyse your skin before applying the appropriate care treatment. The line of products is designed using state-of-the-art techniques.
Dr Burgener is top-quality made-to-measure cosmetics just for you !

After having obtained her diploma in biology from the University of Lausanne, Pauline Burgener took over control of the Burgener range, which had been created by her father-in-law in 1955. She used her medical knowledge to develop her own brand, Dr Burgener. 5 to 60 variations have been created in twenty years. For certain customers, she includes unexpected products like for the Russian market where she developed a range using caviar and vodka. After a proven success at the spa of the Royal Plaza in Montreux, of the L’Etrier at Crans-Montana, as well as in Lebanon and Qatar, Dr Burgener joined forces with the Four Seasons Hotel in Moscow. There is nothing to stand in the way of this dynamic woman and her line of 100 % Swiss made cosmetic products. The Dr Burgener care products place the emphasis on what is really important : YOUR SKIN!

Dr Burgener