Launch of Black Caviar in St-Petersburg

Caviar, an exclusive ingredient that regenerates the most precious skin
If there’s one ingredient that has always been the preserve of the elite, it’s caviar. The
precious eggs of the sturgeon must be harvested at just the right moment and then
processed with infinite care in order to preserve their sought-after qualities. Essential
molecules for regenerating the skin number among these qualities. Amino acids, fatty
acids, vitamins and minerals are to be found in very high concentrations in the tiny black
caviar beads. And, thanks to the expertise of beauty specialists, these qualities have been
transformed into an innovative cream that carries DrBurgener.
For 20 years, this laboratory created by a woman who earned her doctorate in biology,
has been revolutionizing the world of high-end and ultra-luxury personal care. Desiring to
be of service to all her clients in order to offer them customized care, she knows that the
hydration brought to the skin by the caviar-derived amino acids is essential for the proper
functioning of the skin’s metabolism.
Clients who are looking for very high-end skin care require that their skin retain its
structure and vigor despite the stresses that it sometimes undergoes. This is precisely
what the minerals and the fatty acids contained in sturgeon eggs guarantee. Even more
invaluable and rare, the retinol in caviar once carefully applied to the skin, provides
wrinkle care that is scientifically proven. So the excellence of science applied to cosmetics
meets the high performance standards of the medical world.
Black Caviar Cream is one of the new flagship treatments of DrBurgener. It is available
in the world’s most prestigious hotels and perfectly fulfils the strict requirements of an
international clientele. No matter what country they find themselves in, these clients can
count on a daily-use skin care product that gives the skin exactly what it needs in order to
maintain its perfect balance.

black caviar